GVF Satellite Hub Summit @ CABSAT 2018 & Satellite Communications Conference



Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and Global VSAT Forum (GVF) have announced an enhanced continuation of their partnership agreement to bring a programme of strategic debate on key issues for the current satellite industry technology and service marketplace to CABSAT in Dubai. 

CABSAT 2018, which takes place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre at Dubai World Trade Centre, 14 to 16 January, will again feature the GVF Satellite Hub Summit on the second and third days of the event. It will be preceded on the first day of the show by Satellite Communications Conference. The GVF Satellite Hub Summit will be chaired by Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development with GVF. 

Satellite Communications Conference and the GVF Satellite Hub Summit will comprise mutually-reinforcing programmes of satellite sector and satellite solutions end-user perspectives, with a day one emphasis on strategic analysis of various user markets and a day two and day three focus on interactive panel sessions which will offer detailed examination of core themes within today’s industry environment, such as satellite spectrum, high throughput satellite technologies, low earth orbit satellite constellations, the VSAT mobility market, satellite interference and cyber security.

Introduced to bring important content and keen industry debate to the CABSAT exhibition in 2015, the GVF Satellite Hub Summit has an already three-year proven track record in attracting exhibition attendees to join solutions provider and solutions user dialogues. Now, in 2018, the satellite programme has been extended with the Satellite Communications Conference as a further platform to bring an enhanced value-added experience to the CABSAT exhibition attendees. 


14th January 2018 | Al Multaqua Ballroom, Dubai World Trade Centre 

Satellite Communications Conference 

 “Harnessing the power of disruption: innovations in connectivity, improved mobility, global cooperation and industrial optimisation.”

Satellite technology and service providers please note – The Satellite Communications Conference programme is orientated towards providing a speaking platform for various satellite solutions end-user communities to demonstrate and illustrate how the communications they require to meet their mission-critical objectives have been delivered by technologies and services provided by the satellite sector.

 In 2018, the Satellite Communications Conference programme will feature four Study Track Sector Spotlights focusing on:

·      Aviation

·      Oil & Gas

·      Maritime

·      Telecoms & Broadcast

The programme provides an opportunity for YOUR customers in these sectors to offer such demonstrations and provide such illustrations to the conference audience. If you would like to see YOUR customers speak to the CABSAT audience in 2018, please contact the Conference Producer, Sarah Meredith.

Latest draft programme (Dec 11 2017) for Satellite Communications Conference 2018


15th & 16th January 2018 | Dubai World Trade Centre Exhibition Halls 

The GVF Satellite Hub Summit 


Powered by the GVF Applied innovations Conferences  

With the kind participation of the International Telecommunication Union


Latest Programme (Jan 12 2018) for GVF Satellite Hub Summit 


Please note that your contacts for the two programmes are as follows:

FOR SCC presented by CABSAT 2018                   FOR THE GVF SATELLITE HUB SUMMIT @ CABSAT 2018

Sarah Meredith                                               Martin Jarrold

Conference Producer                                          Chief of International Programme Development

DWTC                                                                     GVF                 

Moderator and speaker registration requirements for the Government of Dubai

Please note that all speaking participants in the Satellite Communications Conference (SCC) and GVF Satellite Hub Summit must provide the following, as required by the Dubai authorities:

For Dubai nationals and residents -

Biographical information: 60-200 characters (not words) in length

Copy of Emirates ID: Colour copy (front & reverse) 

For foreign nationals -

Biographical information: 60-200 characters (not words) in length

Confirmation of Full Name as recorded in passport

Confirmation of Nationality

Copy of Passport ID/Photo page: Colour copy

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