GVF-EMP London ‘HTS Roundtable 2018’


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London Looks to Brave New Satellite World 

A Full House Pre-Registered for GVF-EMP London ‘HTS Roundtable 2018’ 

Thursday, 15th November 2018

LONDON – The GVF-EMP Partnership ‘HTS Roundtable 2018 - GEOs... MEOs... LEOs: Enabling a Brave New World’ (, has declared a pre-registration full house for the 4th December programme at London’s Strand Palace Hotel.

Martin Jarrold, GVF’s Chief of International Programme Development, and Chair of the GVF-EMP Portfolio Series commented, “This year the audience of pre-registered HTS Roundtable attendees, in addition to the industry's key players, features several organizations and representatives of academia and agencies wholly new to this annual event.”

"The Roundtable this year," continued Mr Jarrold, "will begin with a brief introduction from GVF's new Secretary General, David Meltzer, who took-up his post at the end of August this year; his remarks being followed by an opening Backdrop Presentation given by Stéphane Chenard, Senior Analyst with Euroconsult, giving an overview of the changing dynamics of satellite's expanding markets, enhanced services, and evolving technologies."

The event, which will offer an in-depth exploration of the drivers and trends behind the continuing massive growth potential in the market for satellite-based broadband solutions.  The event is supported by Corporate Sponsors – Comtech EF Data, Hughes, and Newtec – and Guest Sponsors – SES Networks, C-COM Satellite Systems and Integrasys and will take place the day following the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Better Satellite World Awards dinner, during which GVF will be presented with an award (jointly with the United Nations Emergency Telecommunications Cluster and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, together with the EMEA Satellite Operators Association – ESOA).

Four moderator-led sessions, combining brief introductory remarks from each of a panel of speakers and Q&A-based interaction with the Roundtable audience, will comprise the core of the programme.

Full details of the Roundtable programme may be viewed at

Paul Stahl, Executive Director of EMP also commented, "Our first panel – The Operators… New Focus & New Orbits – features experts from the evolving satellite operator ecosystem who will not only focus on their respective organizations' approach to a future operator market within which the GEOs, MEOs, and mega-LEOs will be either directly competitive or collaborative and complimentary, but also examine the implications of forecast growth in HTS orbital resources, capacity pricing trends, latency differences as a potential competitive divide, the Cloud and IoT markets, and trend towards competition down the value chain. This session will be followed by the three further session themes of The VARs... New Challenges in an HTS World; The Ground Segment… Evolving Dynamics; and, Mobility, Mobility, Mobility.”




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